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Become a part of history and make your own.

The timeless beauty of gold leaf allows you to recreate the glories of a tradition that has endured thousands of years. Modern technologies, products, and methods enable you to create gilded finishes as new and fresh as your imagination.

Sepp Leaf offers an invaluable resource, providing product knowledge, hand-made color charts, a fascinating showroom open by appointment, and the Pride of Place Gallery, which houses the work of the field's top gilding and decorative finishing artisans. We invite you to join us in creating a world of unsurpassed beauty.

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Product List  Our 32-page catalog presenting genuine gold and metal leaf and a full array of gilding supplies and tools.
Brush List  Twelve pages of high-quality imported brushes and gilders' tips.
Agate List  Over 75 profiles are available including rare and unusual shapes.

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